Pinot Auxerrois

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Pinot Auxerrois is a white grape variety of French origin, descended from Pinot Blanc and related to the famous Pinot Gris. It takes its name from the city of Auxerre in Burgundy, where it is particularly cultivated.The grapes of Pinot Auxerrois are small and arranged in compact clusters. They have a green-yellow to pale pink color. This grape variety is known for producing dry, aromatic white wines with great finesse. Characteristic aromas include delicate floral notes, as well as hints of white-fleshed fruits such as pear or peach.


In the mouth, wines from Pinot Auxerrois are often described as balanced, with moderate acidity and a slightly creamy texture. They offer a beautiful harmony between freshness and roundness, making them highly appreciated.


This grape variety thrives particularly well in cool and well-drained terroirs. Although often associated with the Alsace region, Pinot Auxerrois is also cultivated in other French wine regions as well as in certain parts of Germany and Luxembourg.


Pinot Auxerrois is a versatile grape, capable of producing wines that can be enjoyed young and fresh, but also improve with moderate aging in the bottle. It is an excellent choice for lovers of aromatic and elegant white wines.

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